Yellow Chicken Vs. White Chicken – What’s the Difference?

Chicken is among the most preferred foods in the world, loved for its light flavor and versatility in the kitchen. You’ll find two types of chicken on supermarket shelves:

  1. White Chicken
  2. Yellow Chicken

So, what’s the difference between yellow chicken and white chicken?

Caged chickens have pale-white skin, flesh, and fat. The darker chicken meat and yellow fat result from a grass-based diet. When chickens graze on natural pastures, they consume everything the land offers, including grass, bugs, and worms. 

Americans have been fed white chicken with little access to bugs in the soil for a long time. So when you see yellow chicken meat from birds raised on an organic feed, it can be surprising.

This article will cover the main differences between yellow chicken and white chicken and determine whether they have different flavors and characteristics.  

Let’s get started.

What is Yellow Chicken?

A yellow-skinned chicken derives its color from various factors, including breed, genetics, and nutrition. Specifically, the color of the chicken breast depends on the type of cereal chicken it’s fed. And chickens fed with marigold, paprika, and other carotene-heavy foods will add yellow pigment to their skin. For example, Chickens fed with corn usually have yellow breasts and yellowish skin on the knees and legs.

Chickens with genes from the grey jungle fowl are also yellow-tinged.

Is yellow Chicken Safe to Eat?

Yes. Yellow skin or flesh is not a bad sign for chicken meat. It’s safe to eat yellow chicken meat unless it smells like rotting meat and has too much blood.

Yellow Spots on Chicken Breast – Are they bad?

Unlike an overall yellow tinge on the skin, chicken fat with bright yellow spots is clear sign chicken is no longer safe to eat. Once it starts turning grey or has yellow spots on fat, it’s best to toss the chicken away immediately.

What is White Chicken?

The white chicken meat is lower in fat than the yellow meat, making it an excellent choice for reducing their cholesterol levels.

Although there are variations between breeds that affect how much fat they have on them, most chickens bred for human consumption have less fat than other birds such as ducks or turkeys.

Why White Chickens Turn Yellow?

Is your white chicken turning yellow? Here’s your answer.

Yellow Chicken Vs. White Chicken – What’s the difference?

The color of the chicken derives from the type of cereal with which the chicken is fed; if the chickens are fed with wheat and sorghum, you’ll have a white chicken tending to pink. And if the chickens are fed with corn, they will be more yellow. 

Yellow Chicken Or White Chicken: Which Type of Chicken is Better Quality?

The color of chicken meat is rarely an indicator of quality. Some people mistakenly assume that yellow chicken has better quality than white chicken, but this is not true. Instead, poultry feed affects the flavor and quality of the chicken meat.  

For example, chickens can be fed a great, balanced diet to help get that yellow skin and flesh that indicates a high-quality chicken. Or they can be fed marigold petals to artificially dye the skin in a factory setting, resulting in poorer quality.  

In conclusion, color is very loosely indicative of quality.

Key Differences between Yellow Chicken & White Chicken

Texture & Taste

Yellow chicken tastes better because it has a rich flavor but can be harder to chew. White chicken is easier to chew but does not have as rich of a taste as yellow chicken.

Fat content     

Yellow chicken has more fat than white chicken and is considered more flavorful. 

Cooking time 

Yellow chickens are larger and have more fat content, meaning they take longer to cook. In contrast, cooking white chickens takes less time than yellow chickens.

Cooking method         

Yellow chicken is usually seasoned, breaded, and fried and can go in the oven to cook. White chicken needs to be boiled first before being put in the oven.


Yellow chickens are usually less expensive than white chickens because they aren’t as lean.

Are there any similarities between yellow chicken and white chicken?

Yellow or white chicken are both types of meat found in the grocery store. So what do they have in common? There are a few similarities between these two types of chicken:

Yellow and white chicken can be used in soups, stews, or stir-fry.

You can use yellow and white chicken interchangeably in soups, stews, or stir-fry recipes. But if you want a richer flavor, you should use yellow chicken meat.

Yellow and white chicken can both be cooked with either bone-in or boneless pieces.

Yellow chicken and white chicken are great for cooking with either bone-in or boneless pieces. They both take roughly twenty minutes to cook, but the yellow chicken meat will need an extra five minutes to achieve its delicious flavors.

Both have the same calories, fat, protein, and cholesterol.

Yellow chicken and white chicken have the same number of calories, fat, protein, and cholesterol. Also, the two types of chicken are similar in caloric content.

The two types of chickens are very similar in caloric content and what their meat provides to your diet.

Yellow Chicken Vs. White Chicken – Which is Better?

Many people prefer yellow chicken to white, and vice versa.

Yellow meat is often considered more flavorful than white because of its high-fat content. You might find that a certain flavor appeals to your tastes better!

Yellow or White Chicken Recipes

Whether it is yellow or white chicken, finding recipes for both is always a great idea. Chicken is easy to cook and has a delicious flavor. If you’re looking for a simple recipe, you can cook a creamy chicken with orange. This fragrant and delicious dish is perfect for dinner. And if you want to experiment with new flavors, consider trying out chicken in teriyaki sauce. This Japanese dish will bring a juicy and fragrant chicken to the table.

You can also try some great classics such as stuffed or baked chicken with potatoes. Finally, you can use yellow or white chicken breasts to make Mediterranean chicken or Caprese chicken for a light, mouth-watering dish.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read the article, you should know that there is nothing to fear about yellow chicken. It is priced higher because its a better quality meat.

If you are unsure whether a white or yellow chicken is safe to eat, you should check the date on the packaging and do a quick smell test. If the date checks out and chicken smells normal, you should start cooking and make a delicious meal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to eat chicken with yellow spots?

Raw chicken meat is light pink or yellow in color and has white fat parts. But if you notice yellow spots on raw chicken meat, this may be a sign the chicken is no longer safe to eat.

Why is some raw chicken meat yellow?

The yellow meat and fat are the result of a grass-based diet that is high in chlorophyll. The beta carotene in the grass resembles the orange color found in carrots. This produces the yellow meat and fat in chickens.

Is yellow chicken organic?

Yes, a yellow colored chicken is usually a sign of organic chicken and is considered healthy.

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