Going Gluten-Free at Cava: Delicious Options for a Healthy Lifestyle

Finding restaurants that offer gluten-free options is becoming increasingly important as the gluten-free diet grows in popularity. Cava, a fast-casual Mediterranean chain known for its fresh, flavorful dishes, is one such restaurant. But the question is whether Cava restaurant is gluten-free. Let us investigate further.

Is Cava Gluten Free?

The short answer is that Cava restaurant does have gluten-free options. They even have a section of their menu dedicated to gluten-free options. This includes grain bowls, salads, and sides, as well as their famous pita bread, which now has a gluten-free option. They also clearly label which items contain gluten and which do not, allowing diners to make informed decisions.

But what exactly does “gluten-free” mean?

A food item must contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten to be considered gluten-free. This is the FDA standard for products labeled “gluten-free.” While Cava takes precautions to ensure that their gluten-free options meet this standard, the company does not have a gluten-free kitchen. This means that cross-contamination is always a possibility.

What Precautions Does Cava take to Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contamination?

Cava trains their employees to use gluten-free preparation precautions such as changing gloves, using separate utensils, and preparing gluten-free items in a separate area of the kitchen. They also test their gluten-free products on a regular basis to ensure they meet the FDA standard of less than 20 ppm.

It should be noted that even with these precautions, there is still a risk of cross-contamination. Anyone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity should be aware of this risk when dining at any restaurant, including Cava.

It’s always best to consult with the restaurant staff before ordering if you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity. Inform them of your dietary restrictions and inquire about their gluten-free options and cross-contamination prevention measures. This will help you to make an informed decision about what to order and whether or not to dine at the restaurant.

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Gluten-Free Options At Cava

As more and more people choose to live gluten-free, it can be hard to find restaurants with tasty gluten-free options. But don’t worry! Cava, a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, has a variety of gluten-free options that will please even the pickiest eater.

So, if you want to eat a healthy and delicious gluten-free meal, keep reading to learn about some of the best gluten-free options at Cava that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Grain Bowls

People who want a healthy, gluten-free meal can get one of Cava’s grain bowls. You can make your bowl your own by choosing from lentils, quinoa, brown rice, or greens as the base. Then add a protein of your choice, like grilled chicken, lamb meatballs, or roasted vegetables. Finally, add some flavorful toppings like hummus, tzatziki, or harissa for an extra kick of flavor.


The salads at Cava are a great choice for those who want a light, gluten-free meal that is also fresh and colorful. With salads like the Super Greens Salad, which has kale, arugula, and other leafy greens, and the Tzatziki Salad, which has cucumber, tomato, and feta, you’re sure to find one that you like.

Pita and Toppings

If you want to try Cava’s famous pita bread, you don’t have to worry because they now have a gluten-free pita option. You can put any of their tasty toppings on your pita, like roasted red pepper hummus, spicy lamb meatballs, or falafel. You can also choose a gluten-free wrap instead of the pita if you don’t want it at all.


The sides at Cava are a great way to give your meal more flavor and nutrition. The Spicy Lamb Meatballs are a customer favorite, as are the Roasted Vegetables and the Roasted Sweet Potato. And don’t forget to add one of their famous dips, like the Crazy Feta or the Harissa, to finish it off.


To wash down your meal, Cava offers a variety of gluten-free beverages, including their signature teas, lemonades, and house-made juices. They also have gluten-free beer and wine if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent.

What’s in Cava Falafel?

Cava falafel is a popular dish at Mediterranean restaurants called Cava. It is known for having a crispy outside and a savory taste. Falafel is a common dish in the Mediterranean, and Cava’s version is made with chickpeas, fava beans, herbs, and spices. After soaking overnight, the chickpeas and fava beans are ground into a paste. The taste of falafel comes from a mix of spices like cumin, coriander, and garlic that are added to the paste. The mixture is made into balls or patties, which are then baked or fried to make the outside crispy. The result is a tasty option that is good for vegetarians and vegans and can be served in different ways, like in a wrap or on top of a salad.

Is Cava falafel fried?

Cava falafel can either be baked or fried, depending on where it is made and what the customer wants. But at most Cava locations, cooking is done by baking, which is a healthier option. When you bake the falafel, you use less oil than when you fry them. This makes baking a healthier option than frying. Also, baking the falafel still makes the outside crispy while keeping the inside soft and full of flavor. But some people might like the taste and texture of fried falafel, which is also available at Cava. No matter how it’s made, falafel is a tasty and healthy food that vegetarians, vegans, and people who eat meat can all enjoy.

Is lentil tabbouleh gluten free?

Tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern dish that is usually served as a side dish or salad. It is made with bulgur wheat, parsley, tomatoes, and onions. But Cava has a lentil tabbouleh that doesn’t have gluten for people who can’t eat or are sensitive to gluten. Lentils are used instead of bulgur, which is a type of wheat and contains gluten, to make Cava’s lentil tabbouleh. Like traditional tabbouleh, the lentils in this dish are cooked until they are soft and then mixed with fresh parsley, tomatoes, and onions. The result is a dish that tastes good and is good for you. You can eat it on its own or as a side dish with other Mediterranean food. It’s important to remember that some versions of tabbouleh may contain wheat flour or other gluten-containing ingredients, so it’s always best to check with the restaurant or carefully read the ingredients before eating. The lentil tabbouleh at Cava is a tasty and healthy choice for people who can’t eat gluten or who just want a fresh and flavorful dish.

Final Thoughts

So, folks, there you have it. With these gluten-free options at Cava, you can indulge in a healthy and delicious meal without worrying about any gluten-related repercussions. So, the next time you want a quick and delicious gluten-free meal, go to Cava and try one of their many options. Your taste buds will appreciate it.

Related Questions

Is Cava’s hummus gluten-free?

Cava’s hummus is gluten-free, as it is made from chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice, without any wheat or gluten-containing ingredients.

Are the pita chips at Cava gluten-free?

The pita chips at Cava are not gluten-free, as they are made from wheat flour. However, Cava offers gluten-free alternatives, such as carrots, cucumbers, or gluten-free crackers.

Are the bowls at Cava gluten-free?

Cava’s grain bowls are gluten-free, as they are made with quinoa or brown rice, and can be customized with a variety of gluten-free toppings.

Can Cava accommodate other dietary restrictions besides gluten-free?

Cava offers a variety of options for different dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free. The menu also indicates which dishes contain nuts and soy.

Are the salad dressings at Cava gluten-free?

Most of Cava’s salad dressings are gluten-free, with the exception of the Harissa Vinaigrette, which contains wheat.

Can you order online and request gluten-free options?

Yes, Cava offers online ordering, and customers can request gluten-free options in the special instructions section.

Does Cava have allergen information available?

Yes, Cava provides allergen information on its website and in-store, which includes gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, and eggs.

Can I bring my own gluten-free bread to Cava?

While Cava does not allow outside food, customers are welcome to bring their own gluten-free bread or crackers and ask for a gluten-free dip or topping to go with it.

Are there any gluten-free desserts at Cava?

Cava does not offer any gluten-free desserts at this time.

Does Cava use separate preparation areas for gluten-free orders?

While Cava takes precautions to avoid cross-contamination, the kitchen does process gluten-containing ingredients, and cross-contamination is possible.

Can I substitute gluten-free crackers for pita chips in the dips?

Yes, Cava offers gluten-free crackers as a substitute for pita chips in the dips.

Can I make special requests for gluten-free options not on the menu?

Yes, Cava staff can accommodate special requests for gluten-free options that are not on the menu, depending on the availability of ingredients.

Does Cava use any gluten-containing ingredients in its marinades?

Cava’s marinades do not contain gluten or wheat.

Can I get a gluten-free wrap at Cava?

Cava does not offer gluten-free wraps at this time.

Is the tzatziki dip gluten-free?

Cava’s tzatziki dip is gluten-free, as it is made from Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and lemon juice, without any wheat or gluten-containing

Are the meat options at Cava gluten-free?

Cava offers a variety of gluten-free protein options, including grilled chicken, braised lamb, and falafel. However, it is important to note that the meat options are cooked in the same kitchen where gluten-containing ingredients are also used, so cross-contamination is possible.

Can I get a gluten-free catering option at Cava?

Yes, Cava offers gluten-free catering options for groups of various sizes. Customers can customize their orders with a variety of gluten-free options, including salads, dips, and protein options. It is important to let the staff know about any dietary restrictions or allergies to ensure the food is prepared safely.

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