Does Banana and Sprite make you throw up? (Myth Busters)

The banana and sprite challenge is a viral internet challenge.

The premise is that no one can eat a banana and drink Sprite without vomiting. The banana and sprite challenge has become popular because no one likes to be told they can’t succeed.

This short guide bursts all myths associated with the banana and Sprite challenge. Let’s dive in!

What is Banana and Sprite Challenge?

The banana sprite challenge spread like wildfire on Tiktok and YouTube. Many young people took upon this challenge to create more views and attract subscribers. So, what exactly is the banana and sprite challenge?

The banana sprite challenge involves eating two bananas and drinking up to a liter of Sprite to induce vomiting. You may be wondering, does everyone vomit from drinking Sprite after bananas? Not really. Only a few people negatively react to bananas and Sprite, causing them to vomit. Most people can finish the challenge without vomiting.

Whether you feel sick after a banana sprite challenge will depend on your body. YouTube has roughly ten videos of people performing a banana sprite challenge, and only one or two of them managed to vomit.

How Can I Do the Banana & Sprite Challenge?

  • Eat two or more bananas.
  • Drink a liter of the Sprite.
  • The bananas should be eaten quickly, followed by a bottle of Sprite.
  • The last person to vomit wins the challenge.

Here’s a video:

Why do Sprite and banana make you puke?

Puking has nothing to do with chemical reactions between bananas and Sprite and everything to do with the digestive system.

The average stomach capacity is about 500 ml. Any solid will digest slower than a liquid, so eating the bananas causes a slower transit rate of stomach contents. In other words, the bananas ensure that the stomach stays full. Drinking a liter of any liquid on top of the bananas fills up the stomach beyond its normal capacity.

All carbonated beverages release carbonation as gas when they are consumed. This gas increases the pressure within the stomach, and vomiting occurs to release this pressure.

As challenges go, this one is especially stupid.

Is it Safe to Consume Bananas and Sprite Together?

Trying out the banana and sprite challenge can be dangerous for immune-compromised people. It’s uncomfortable and creates a mess!

Banana Sprite Challenge: How Many Bananas Will Make You Puke?

So, having discovered that bananas and Sprite are not a good mix, does it matter how many bananas you eat?

Here’s the thing:

It depends on the size of the bananas.

One small banana takes up less space in your stomach. And conversely, a bunch of large bananas will fill up your stomach quickly, leaving less room for Sprite and carbonation.

Also, everyone has a different stomach capacity.

Another fair consideration is the length of time between eating the bananas and chugging the Sprite. If you wait an hour, the banana will have started getting digested, allowing more room for the fizzy drink.

The banana and sprite challenge on the internet encourages people to try this and film the results. It requires that you eat two bananas and drink a liter of Sprite, but there is no time limit. So if someone was to drink the Sprite very slowly, it is likely that they won’t vomit.

Is Banana and Sprite Challenge Healthy?

Not really. Carbonated drinks like Sprite have high sugar content, and mixed with bananas can induce vomiting. This combination isn’t healthy because your body may struggle to cope with an excess of sugar and carbonated gas.

Does the Same Chemical Reaction Occur With Any Carbonated Drink?        

You already know about the banana and sprite challenge, but does the same reaction occur with other fizzy drinks.

Yes, drinking any carbonated liquid fast after eating food will cause vomiting. Other carbonated drinks cause the same pressure in the stomach as Sprite. However, some people think drinking ginger ale with bananas may have a lesser effect. And that’s because ginger is an anti-emetic and helps soothe a nauseous stomach.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Drink Sprite After Eating Bananas?

There is no time limit for how long you have to wait before drinking Sprite after eating bananas. The body normally takes about thirty minutes to an hour to process food in the stomach. So, it’s best to

Can Banana and Sprite Challenge Cause Death?

Currently, no deaths are associated with this challenge. However, doing this challenge can pose other health risks that could be harmful.

Final Thoughts

The banana Sprite challenge is when you eat two bananas and a liter of Sprite without vomiting. It’s easy not to vomit, but it’s hard to drink Sprite fast.

There isn’t a chemical reaction that occurs by mixing bananas with soda, unlike Mentos, which produces foam when reacting with carbonated drinks.

There are no studies into the effect of drinking Sprite with bananas, so it isn’t safe to do at this stage.

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