Are Toaster Strudels Discontinued? Here’s where to find toaster strudels.

Toaster strudels are fruity, sweet, and delicious – everything you want from a breakfast treat. The crusts are flaky, the filling is creamy, and the icing is out of this world. If you want a convenient snack that’ll get you out of your rut, look no further! 

But where have these tasty treats disappeared? And why can’t you find toaster strudels anywhere? 

In today’s article, we solve the mystery behind toaster strudel shortage. Let’s explore! 

Are Toaster Strudels Discontinued? 

 I don’t think that Gretchen Weiner’s father, the inventor of Toaster Strudel, would be too happy to hear that some of the best Toaster Strudel flavors are discontinued.

When asked about why some Toaster strudel flavors have been discontinued, here’s what the company reps had to say:

‘Sorry for any trouble finding them in your area! As many companies and industries are experiencing, we continue to be constrained as supply chains around the world are stressed. We’ve added capacity across our product lines, and remain focused on securing alternative sources across all areas so products our consumers love remain on shelves. We have let our team know about your wish. Please stay tuned to our website and Twitter account as we often launch new Toaster Strudels!’

So apparently, the shortage of toaster strudels in your area may be due to supply chain issues. But that doesn’t toaster strudels mean you should give up all hope! While toaster strudels are hard to find, they do still exist. 

 List of Discontinued Toaster Strudels 

 Toaster strudel flavors are at the epicenter of some very strong opinions. Are you a berry person or do you prefer one of the cheesier flavors? Frosted or unfrosted? Warm or straight out of the packet? And so it’s only natural that as one of our first endeavors, we made it our business to make a definitive list of all discontinued toaster strudel flavors.  

 1. Boston Cream Pie Toaster Strudel 

 2. Danish Style Cream Cheese Toaster Strudel

 3. Raspberry toaster strudels

But here’s some good news in the form of toaster strudel flavors that still exist:

Cherry, Bacon, Egg and Cheese Toaster Scrambles, Apple Cream Danish, Strawberry Cream, Blueberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll Made With Cinnabon Flavor, Strawberry, Apple, Wildberry, S’mores, Snickerdoodle, Pumpkin Pie, and Cream Cheese.   

Where Can You Find Toaster Strudels?

 You may want to try speaking to the store manager to see if they plan on stocking toaster strudels or ordering some in for you. I also recommend using a Pillsbury’s product locator to find toaster strudels. Enter your zip code to find a freezer aisle that stocks toaster strudels you can’t buy anywhere else. 

And If You Can’t Find Toaster Strudels anywhere….Make some at Home! Here’s our favorite recipe for homemade toaster pastry. 


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